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The President Hotel (just like Town Hall tower) is without any doubts the most recognizable building in the city and it is a rendezvous point for many generations. XIX century boutique hotel with mansard roof and beautifully decorated facade constitutes a showcase of neo-renaissance architecture. To our Guests we offer a unique atmosphere, timeless climate and indescribable delights to the palate that deserve the credit of the most demanding gourmets. The eminent advantage is the convenient localization as the Hotel boasts to be at the heart of the city. Looking from the rooms you will see the astonishing Sułkowski Castle, Chrobry Square and on the horizon you can see the green shapes of Silesian Beskids. 41 comfortable rooms furnished in respect of the original style of the Kaiserhof Hotel will fully satisfy the esthetic needs of our Guests.

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History of the Hotel

1892 The construction of the Hotel building was finished according to the design of the renowned Bielsko architect, Karol Korn.
1892 The Hotel is given its first name “Kaiserhof” – in honour of the Kaiser, Franz Josef.
1899 Eugeniusz Szarka becomes the owner of the Hotel – “golden age” of the Hotel begins.
1922 The Hotel name is changed in honour of the first president of the Polish Republic – Gabriel Narutowicz.
1937 New restaurant building is built in place of the summer garden.
1938 The Hotel is being taken over by the Akcyjny Bank Hipoteczny in Lvov.
Summer of 1939 The Hotel is being adapted for the headquarters of the “Bielsko” Operation Group of the “Kraków” Army in the WWII campaign.
1942-1960 The building temporarily houses hospital, offices, and Municipal Centre of Culture.
1962 The Hotel reopens.
1991 The PREZYDENT Company becomes Hotel’s new owner.
1.VII.2007 The Hotel is taken over by the Irish Company, Birch.
Summer 2007 Period of transition and of Hotel modernization with preservation of the old style begins.
1.X.2007 Change of name to PRESIDENT Hotel. The new name sounds more European and breaks away from its political connotation; however, it still makes the Hotel preserve its link with the tradition (historic spelling uses the letter “s”).
XI 2007 Renovation of the Hotel restaurant – we bring back splendour and status.
II 2008 Renovation of hotel rooms commences, which is to provide to our guests the comfort of the 21st century combined with class and style of a 19th c. building.
VII 2008 External renovation and maintenance work commence, with the objective to bring back the original colour of the façade with gold decorations.
February 2013 Renovation of the Hotel restaurant & café.
May 2013 Modernize and refresh the reception hall.

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